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What missions unlock the 3rd and 4th weapon slot? - reddit Bl2 is a level 8 quest for the third slot, TPS i think is a level 11 quest but it's such a stupidly long drawn out quest you'll probably be about 15 by the time you finish it, it's basically "Go here do this, oh that didn't work go here and do this to fix it, didn't work either, go here now" for about an hour, the quest covers the majority of one zone and all of the next. How do I unlock the 3rd and 4th weapon slots? : Borderlands2 Welcome To Borderlands 2! The Borderlands 2 subreddit. This subreddit accepts external link. You can discuss anything related to Borderlands 2 and the series in it's entirety. [Discussion] How do I unlock the 3rd and 4th weapon slots? (self.Borderlands2) submitted 2 years ago by xMicro. Level 72 OP8, ran through story on Normal, True, and ... Borderlands 2 Unlock 4th Gun Slot - tramvianapoli.com 16 Oct 2012 - 2 min - Uploaded by X902ClanI'm looking for skins if any of you have any rare ones and/or rare heads message/ Subscribe ..borderlands pre sequel increase borderlands 2 unlock 4th gun slot backpack sizeHow do I unlock the 3rd and 4th weapon slots?borderlands 2 4th weapon slot … Slot Machine | Borderlands Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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22 Sep 2012 ... Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user= Jumpinproductions Follow me on Twitch; ... [REQUEST] Equipment Slot 3 & 4 Unlock HELP! - MPGH - MultiPlayer ... My Equipment slots 3 & 4 have re-locked on me as (what I believe to be) ... You must use the Borderlands 2 Save Editor released here on the ... What determines the weapon you start with after saving and ... I used to think it was always your 2nd slot gun. It wasn't. .... Side note: That's funny ..that's where I have mine- 1/2/3/4 DPUH/Grog/Ahab/Pimp. Plan B | Main missions walkthrough for Borderlands 2 - Borderlands ... On this page of the game guide to Borderlands 2 you will find the walkthrough ... Now head out of the workshop and go back to the centre of Sanctuary [3]. ... the mission, you will receive an upgrade, giving you one additional weapon slot.

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3rd and 4th weapon slot are locked :: Borderlands 2 General ... 3rd and 4th weapon slot are locked i had all weapon slots unlocked. i joined my friends game and opened my inventory and suddenly slot 3 and 4 are locked. anyone know how to fix that? Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments

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, Legendary Gun Slot Machine! (BORDERLANDS 2).Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapon Drop from a Slot Machine 4. This is from the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC Slots! Borderlands 2: Таблица для Cheat Engine (Moxxi Slot

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Free Borderlands 2 (gamerip) soundtracks, Borderlands 2 (gamerip) MP3 downloads. Browse our great selection of Borderlands 2 (gamerip) music.I do like the Borderlands 2 soundtrack but I think you are missing just one of the songs to this soundtrack which is the creature slaughter (Natural... Borderlands 2 Pre-Order Bonuses | Game Preorders Borderlands 2 brings new characters and skills, improved vehicles, and a whole lot more weapons as well as other items. Plot-wise, the game picks up 5Borderlands 2 retains the unique visual style of the first game, something that no doubt contributed to the title’s popularity. Just like the original, the... Borderlands 2: Worst Gun in the Game, The Landscaper Legendary Gun Drop!! Tiny Tina Lootsplosion Slot Machine (Borderlands 2).Borderlands 2 | Оплот Бесконечности Overpower 8 - лучший способ фарма! This Gun From Borderlands 2 Is The Most Annoying Weapon… I have not played Borderlands 2. But this gun—this delightfully obnoxious, bizarre gun—is actually kind of making me want to. A gun that shouts at you, and can only be captioned as "annoying sounds?" That's the kind of silliness I appreciate in my games. Even if it makes me take off my headphones for...

July 15, 2007 Posts:. #3 syneris View Profile View Posts 18 Sep, 2012 @ 6:54am Just got my first weapon slot sdu as part of story mission in sanctuary.Do they have some sort of level requirement? Slot Machine | Borderlands Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Slot machines are interactive objects introduced in Borderlands 2. They can drop anything from weapons, to a live grenade depending on the result. Tiny Tina's Lootsplosion Slot Machine, was introduced in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Borderlands 2 Unlock 3rd Gun Slot - alpertenterprisesinternational.com And you the the How do i unlock the 2 extra Slots in my quick change weapon inventory?. One is after rescuing Roland, the other is after the Sanctuary takes off and after you manage to return to it.Moving that mining cart, finding On the character equiptment screen, there is 3 or 4 weapon slot on the left, while 3 other slot on the right, A major item in Borderlands, obtained at around level 20, Class Mods are class specific upgrades Shikamaru100 - 8 years ago 2 Using Inventory & Vending ... Lost weapon slot 3 and 4 :: Borderlands 2 General Discussions