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UPDATE - Patch Notes v200 (FT B2F Awakened) | Cabal ... Cabal Extension - Community Forum. Forums > Notice and Updates > Game Updates > ... - 3x Slot Extender High ... - Most of all box (chest) will drop an item with crafted and slotted item option - Same setting drop with Epaulet of Dead (B3F) ALZ LIMIT DROP. CABAL ITEM DROP LIST - forumotion Rare Drop : OSM Weapon No Slot, Lapis No Slot, Upgrade Core High Ruina Station Mob Drop (Any MOB) Bad Drop : ST Weapon/Body Part Wih No Slot, Good Drop : OSM Weapon With No Slot, Lapis With No Slot, Formula Card 96 RARE Drop : Lapis Crystal With Slot, OSM Weapon With Slot, Upgrade Core High VERY RARE DROP : OSM Weapon With 1/2 Slot Upgraded ... This is drop list. Coz got ppl said... - Cabal Casanova ... Slot Extender High Slot Extender Highest Astral Bikecard Type RW3 Option scroll Critical rate/max critical rate (high/highest) lycanus weapon _____ Forbidden Island Lost Island Compass. upgrade core high upgrade core highest Sigmetal grade redosmium grade topaz grade Slot Extender High Slot Extender Highest Epaulet +7

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The Mexican swine flu outbreak started three days before President Barack Obama visited Mexico City. The first death was April 12. Vinnarum casino bonus slot canyon arizona navajo This Spinomenal video slot game uses a standard slot machine layout and fills the reels with funky cats dressed up as if the 1970s had never ended. Lima | Peru - PDF Free Download

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Rare Drops - Official Cabal Wiki Drop Map & Dungeon Drop Monster Image Slot Extender (Low) Chaos Lamp Fort Ruina Lakeside Forgotten Ruin Pontus Ferrum Porta Inferno Lake in Dusk Ruina Station Chaos Arena Lv 1 ~Chaos Lamp Drops: Slot Extender (Medium) Forgotten Temple (B1F) Volcanic Citadel -Nesbite's Chest, 4 Bonus Chests Slot Extender (High) Chaos Lamp Tower of Dead (B1F ... Dungeon Drops - Official Cabal Wiki [Tip] Exilian Volcano is knew as the dungeon at the level 98 story quest name Patren, Patren. [Tip] All the dungeon mobs will drop 2 slots items, but it is rare drop. To form the 2 slots items you need the luck set(2 slots items drop rate +) .

Cabal Online EU 2017 - Slot Extender (Highest... Добавлено: 2 год.Chow Cabal 7 мес. First time to open Chaos Box Extender Highest... Добавлено: 7 год. kakawateeXD 7 год.

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Moon Night Cabal Online, the free-to-play MMORPG bringing arcade-style action to the world of MMORPG and online games CABALENTINES + LUNAR EVENT - Weapon Scroll - ASA (High) Armor Scroll - ASA (High) Trade em UP! (Sigmetal Craftsman) go to NPC Aizhan (Bloody Ice) and check out the list of items you can trade to gear up! Note: This is the first release in the server for the craftsman option Event Shop Lunar Bag Perfect Core (High) Perfect Core (Highest) Slot Extender (High) Slot Extender ... CABAL Guide Blog: Cabal Drop Item list - Slot Extender Low - Slot Extender Medium - Epaulet of Fighter/Sage/Guard +7 - Redosmium Armor 0slot/1slot - Redosmium Weapons 0slot/1slot - Crafted Osmium Weapons - Illusion Coral / Infernal Ruby - Upgrade Core High (Only the archer and last chest will drop the good items)